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Our Mission Statement is Simple
“Build Exactly What the Customer Wants”

At New River Guitars we pride ourselves in being guitar builders. Every component that goes into the instruments we build is made by hand. We do not use CNC routers or any other production type of  equipment. We are not concerned about mass-producing guitars, there are enough people doing that already. We have a wide selection of raw material that is waiting to be turned in to the instrument of your dreams. At any given time we have over 100 electric guitar body blanks to choose from. Included in that inventory, is Mahogany, Swamp Ash, Alder, Basswood, and a variety of un-endangered specialty wood. All of our wood for making bodies and necks is kept in a controlled environment for temperature and humidity


Big Selection of Custom Pick Boxes = $65 + shipping

Currently Available at DESERT SKY DESIGNS

These handcrafted pick boxes are an absolute piece of art. The inside bottom is lined with Genuine FenderĀ® Tweed, the same material Fender used on their vintage amplifiers. To see what is currently in stock please go to


Visit our Sister Site that features "Gifts For Guitar Players" to see our full selection

Click on link ---> DESERT SKY DESIGNS


GUITAR GEAR ORGANIZER = $69 + shipping

guit gear

Guitar Gear Organizer beautifully displays 2 guitars side by side. With 2 Ohuhu™ brand hangers, a decorative hook to hang your guitar cord, a pick dispenser and a strap pin right where it is on a guitar. I designed this out of necessity for my gear when I didn't have a lot of space. It is so efficient that you will actually play more because everything is so easy to access and to put away. Just grab one of your guitars from the hanger, strap up and plug in and you are ready to jam. Slide a pick out of the handy pick dispenser and you are all set. When you are finished everything goes back up on the wall and out of the way in a minute, not to mention beautifully displayed.

I have an easy mounting system that just takes a couple of minutes to install. Find a stud and pre-drill two holes and use the screws provided. Then the Guitar Gear Organizer slides over the mounting block and easily secures it with the two set screws provided.

We currently offer these with 3 shapes (Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul). For color choices you have: Natural Reclaimed Barnwood (shown), Red or Black . We don't keep a lot of these in stock because of the amount of choices we offer so if we make you one please Allow 7 to 10 Days For from the time you order until it ships. 

To see what is currently in stock please go to DDesert Sky Designs

We also accept custom orders so let me know what you have in mind and I will give you a quote. We build Amazing things "using your imagination"    For ordering information see Parts and Accessories Page or email mail at


Bullet Strat $ 1249 Includes case


We have built a lot of guitars for some famous players, and most recently we have had one of our "Copper Bullet Strats" that we built for Arlen Roth retired to the Vault in Luxembourg.  Now it is only loaned to special players for studio recording work  and it will never be sold again. When we built this for Arlen we matched the paint to one of his Buicks he was having a photo shoot done for a magazine and now you can own one just like it !

Read more about the Vault at




Our master craftsmen produce necks, fretboards, bodies, pickups, and just about everything else that goes into an acoustic or electric guitar.

We do not outsource at all

 We seldom advertise, fortunately because of our unique work, we don't have to. Our word-of-mouth advertising keeps us working with an approximate four to six month waiting list.


There are those who say I should hire more workers and produce guitars faster, but they are missing the point. There just aren't that many skilled Master Luthiers around these days.

We are lucky to have three,  James Jarrel,  Greg Lee,  and  Eddy Currents.


If you have any questions or would like more information about something you have seen on our site, please contact us at either of our two locations

New River Guitars  (Phoenix)
P.O. Box 9955
Phoenix, AZ 85068
New River Guitars  (Nashville)
P.O. Box 218264
Nashville, TN 37221


Or by email at

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